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Usage & Utility
Mounted to bottom side of Engine Protect your frame and the underside and sides of your engine. Protect your bike without sacrificing ground clearance or style.
Additional Information
Applicability Base Model HF Dawn, HF Deluxe, Splendor Plus
Applicability Model HF Dawn (Mar, 2010), HF Dawn (Nov, 2006), HF Dawn (Nov, 2013), HF Deluxe (Apr, 2015), HF Deluxe (Aug, 2012), HF Deluxe (Jul, 2007), HF Deluxe (Mar, 2010), HF Deluxe (Nov, 2006), HF Deluxe (Nov, 2008), HF Deluxe (Nov, 2013), Splendor NXG (Feb, 2008), Splendor NXG (May, 2007), Splendor NXG (Sep, 2008), Splendor Plus (Mar, 2012), Splendor Plus (Mar, 2015), Splendor Plus (May, 2010), Splendor Pro (Nov, 2013), Splendor Pro (Oct, 2013), Splendor Pro (Oct, 2015), Splendor Pro (Sep, 2010)
Specification Material: Steel tube ERW-1 Heavy duty tubing with powder coat finish. Outside tube diameter: 22.2 mm. Thickness: 1.2 mm. Length: 262.5 mm Approx. Width: 510 mm Approx. Height:28.5 mm Approx. Used in: Accessories
Know Your Product Made from steel tube. Pipe outside diameter is 22.2 mm. Corrosion Resistence body. Heavy duty tubing with powder coat finish Conceived with the aim to provide side protection to the propulsors of trail bikes.
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