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Usage & Utility
In internal combustion engines, the gudgeon pin connects the piston to the connecting rod and provides a bearing for the connecting rod to pivot upon as the piston moves. In very early engine designs (including those driven by steam and also many very large stationary or marine engines), the gudgeon pin is located in a sliding crosshead that connects to the piston via a rod. A gudgeon is a pivot or journal. The origin of the word gudgeon is the Middle English word gojoun, which originated from the Middle French word goujon.
Additional Information
Applicability Base Model Duet, Glamour, HF Dawn, HF Deluxe, HF Deluxe Eco, Maestro, Maestro Edge, Passion Plus, Passion Pro, Pleasure, Splendor iSmart, Splendor Plus, Super Splendor
Applicability Model Duet (Sep, 2015), Glamour (Apr, 2011), Glamour (Mar, 2010), Glamour (May, 2012), Glamour (Nov, 2008), Glamour (Nov, 2013), Glamour (Nov, 2014), Glamour FI (Apr, 2011), Glamour FI (July, 2012), Glamour FI (May, 2010), Glamour FI (Nov, 2008), Glamour FI (Nov, 2013), Glamour FI (Nov, 2014), HF Dawn (Mar, 2010), HF Dawn (Nov, 2013), HF Deluxe (Apr, 2015), HF Deluxe (Aug, 2012), HF Deluxe (Mar, 2010), HF Deluxe (Nov, 2008), HF Deluxe (Nov, 2013), HF Deluxe (Sep, 2014), HF Deluxe Eco (May, 2015), HF Deluxe Eco (Nov, 2013), Maestro (Feb, 2012), Maestro (Oct, 2014), Maestro Edge (Sep, 2015), Passion Pro (Aug, 2014), Passion Pro (Jan, 2014), Passion Pro (June, 2015), Passion Pro (Mar, 2010), Passion Pro (May, 2012), Passion Pro (Oct, 2010), Pleasure (July, 2012), Pleasure (Jun, 2015), Pleasure (Mar, 2010), Pleasure (Mar, 2010), Splendor iSmart  (May, 2014), Splendor NXG (Apr, 2012), Splendor NXG (Mar, 2010), Splendor Plus (Mar, 2012), Splendor Plus (Mar, 2015), Splendor Plus (May, 2010), Splendor Plus (Sep, 2009), Splendor Pro (Nov, 2013), Splendor Pro (Oct, 2013), Splendor Pro (Oct, 2015), Splendor Pro (Sep, 2010), Super Splendor (Jan, 2014), Super Splendor (Jul, 2010), Super Splendor (May, 2012)
Specification Material: SCM415H Weight: 0.021 kg Length : 38.4 mm Outside Dia. : 13 mm
Know Your Product Made from Alloy Steel Resistance to corrosion. It is durable and convenient. Case Carburised
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